Software for Logistics

Enetricity has an excellent knowledge of transport and logistics, this ensures that we are on the same line as our customers. With this vast knowledge and our passion, we are developing now more than 10 years of logistics software.
The logistics branch enetricity is an umbrella of services that are physically or electronically to do with transport.

Specifically for the transportation industry enetricity offers a number of packages that each process within a transport include: from order entry on automated planning, consolidation and accounting to mobile scanning and Track & Trace.

Moreover, enetricity the ability to link different systems within the same company, to customers or suppliers, etc. ..
This technology is also used for our e-commerce applications, where orders directly into the existing software system stream. In this way, an order received on the Internet immediately processed in the software sales and the customer even faster service.


Track & Trace

Track&TraceTransportation is more than just your order / products 'send'. At any time you can follow up and track your orders: when is your parcel or pallet left where it stands now, it has already delivered ..? This is not only interesting for you but for your customers. An additional service that both you and your customer can enchant.
Especially when your customers this way gives access to the download of the signed transportation documents, that means a great saving of time looking.

These Track & Trace software can enetricity for you to link to existing logistics software, with or without scanning solutions.